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Cover Reveal for RYDER, a Men of Clifton Montana novel by Susan Fisher-Davis with #excerpt

Best RYDER by Susan Fisher-DavisRYDER

A Men of Clifton, Montana novel #5

by Susan Fisher-Davis

Ryder Wolfe is a solitary man. Happy, living alone with his horses and the mountains as company until the man, who rescued him from the streets as a lost teen, sends him a beautiful woman in need of protection. He takes her in even as it goes against his very character. Now he’s fighting his desire to have her for his own with all he has. But his job is to protect her, not seduce her.

Kelsey Sullivan hasn’t had the best luck with men but then one of them decides to stalk her, and make her life miserable. A family friend sends her to Clifton, Montana. To the one man trusted to protect her. But what if the man protecting her is the man she wants more than any other, only he insists on protecting her, even from himself?

Can Ryder accept her love and trust in the man she believes he is?


She was preparing a pot of coffee in the kitchen when the back door opened. She turned to see Ryder enter with the dogs following behind. She could feel and smell the cold coming off them. The dogs greeted her with pants and wagging tails. Without a word, they sat down in front of her. She smiled and reached down to pet them. They put their paws up for her to shake. She laughed and looked at Ryder, who busied himself taking his hat and coat off. He hung his hat on a peg by the door, then walked into the laundry room and hung up his coat.

She watched as he walked back into the kitchen, rolling up the sleeves on his blue and black checkered flannel shirt. She could see he had a T-shirt on under it. His forearms were large and tanned. Dark hair covered his arms. She’d always thought that was sexy but when she took notice of his mussed hair as well, it only added to the sexiness that was Ryder Wolfe.

“I’m making coffee. Would you like some?” she asked watching him.

Ryder nodded his head as he washed his hands at the sink. As he reached for a paper towel, she noticed a small crescent shaped scar by his right eye. His eyes were even greener than she’d first thought. His lashes were long and thick. His hair so black that the ceiling lights made it appear to have a blue sheen. His eyebrows were thick and black. The man was, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous, and sexier than sin.

Kelsey turned away from him and wanted to fan herself. Suddenly, the room seemed as if it was on fire. It was so hot! She was so into her own thoughts, she didn’t realize he’d spoken until she saw him staring at her. She blushed and glanced away from him.

“Are you all right?” Ryder asked her.

She nodded. “I’ve just got a lot on my mind. I’m sorry. What did you ask me?”

“I didn’t ask you anything. I said I didn’t know if you even liked coffee when I made the pot, so I didn’t make any extra. I will tomorrow morning.”

“What are the dogs’ names?” She blushed. What a lame question! Oh well, she was curious.

“Badger and Buttons,” he said while pointing to each dog. “I didn’t name them. They had those names when I adopted them from the shelter.”

Wonderful! A gorgeous man who also saves animals. Did he have any flaws? Dipping her eyes down to the fly of his jeans again, she had her answer. Nope. No flaws.


Ryder pulled a chair out from the table and sat down. He watched her fuss over the coffee and saw her nod again. Was she nervous? Was she afraid of him? He mentally shook his head. No, she wasn’t afraid, nervous perhaps, but she knew and trusted Frank. If Frank trusted him enough to watch over her and protect her, then she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t trust him. He moved his gaze over her as she poured a second cup of coffee. The night before, the bar had been dark and although he had appreciated her beauty, he hadn’t wanted anything to do with her. Then she told him Frank sent her. He clenched his jaw at remembering. Damn it! He didn’t need any of this. Frank knew that he didn’t have time for this shit.

He sneaked a look back at Kelsey and allowed his eyes to peruse the view of her backside. He almost groaned. Jesus, those jeans hugged her ass like a second skin.

His dick twitched in appreciation so he leaned back in the chair, crossed his arms, and looked everywhere but at her. When she walked into his line of sight and set his coffee down in front of him, he caught a whiff of her perfume again. Just like last night, subtle, but not too strong. Still, enough to make him want to hold her close and breathe it in. He tried not to watch her as she sat down in the chair across from him. She spooned sugar into her cup but kept her eyes down as if she was determined not to look at him.

Ryder lifted his cup and took a sip of coffee thankfully, it was not scalding hot anymore, or he would have burned his mouth since he couldn’t keep his gaze from going back to her. Her skin was flawless and his notice of freckles across her nose told him she wore no makeup. He liked that. Most women would put makeup on regardless of the situation, and especially around a man, they didn’t know. For what reason that was, he had no idea. He preferred a natural looking woman.

He took a deep breath. He knew he had to let her stay. He’d do it for Frank because he’d do just about anything Frank asked him to do. He let his breath out slowly and stood up, moving to the sink without glancing at her. After rinsing his cup, he set it aside, walked to the laundry room where he’d left his coat. Returning, he didn’t look in her direction but put on his hat, gave an abrupt nod, and headed out the door.

About the Author:

From Susan Fisher-DavisSusan Fisher-Davis

I’ve been writing for years but I never thought my stories were good enough to get published. I had actually given up writing for a year when I decided to give it another try. Through Facebook, I met Amy Valentini, an editor. (Thanks for the plug, Sue!) We became friends and once I completed my book, I sent it to her for editing. I believe that without her, I wouldn’t have gotten a contract. I submitted my manuscript to five publishing houses and three wanted it. After a few days, I decided to go with Secret Cravings Publishing. Now I am publishing on my own and loving it. I hope you’ll continue reading my series…The Men of Clifton, Montana and The Bad Boys of Dry River. Cowboys and bad boys…what more could a woman want? I hope you enjoy my books. I’m so pleased with the reviews that all my books are getting. If you read any of my books, please leave a review on the site where you purchased the book. Have a wonderful day!

If you’d like to learn more about Susan and her fab books, please visit her website, and feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

A note from Amy:
I am so excited to tell you that not only am I Susan’s primary editor/blurb writer now, but I also created this amazing cover for RYDER as well. It was my first attempt at cover design but I’d love to know what you all think of it. I am considering adding cover design to my services here at Romancing Editorially.

Do you think I should?

RYDER by Susan Fisher-Davis will be available soon!

Happy Reading and Writing Everyone!

Best RYDER Print Cover by Susan Fisher-Davis

Happy Release Day to my fab client, Susan Fisher-Davis!

I’m so excited to announce one of my clients has gone independent publishing and has released her first indie pub book today. It is the third book in an already established series, but it’s her first without a publisher. Huzzah to Susan Fisher-Davis and may COOPER do great with the readers. I have no doubt. :-)

COOPER by Susan Fisher-Davis


book 3 in the Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming

by Susan Fisher-Davis

Cooper Lang has all he needs in life—his ranch, his motorcycle shop and female companionship whenever he wants it. So when Kendra Mattingly reappears one hot summer day and knees him in the groin for kissing her, he knows he should stay clear but being one of the Bad Boys of Dry River also means accepting dangerous challenges and this obstinate beauty is definitely too much to resist. 

Kendra has been in love with Cooper since her teens but after he rejected her, she settled for a loveless marriage, which she eventually escaped. Now her chance with Cooper has finally arrived yet she can’t help but feel he doesn’t desire the same things in life. 

Upfront about his feelings regarding marriage and kids, Kendra ends things because she’s always wanted marriage and a family. When her past threatens her safety, Cooper wonders if he’s made a huge mistake. 

I hope you’ll check out this amazing story…since I was the editor, I can pat myself on the back and brag a little about this one. It’s good! Feel free to contact me about helping you succeed in making your story the best it can be too. COOPER is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

***And yes, in case you’re wondering, I wrote the blurb for this. Just so you know. I can do the same for you.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Celebrating My Two Year Anniversary & International Literacy Day

I'm CelebratingToday is ROMANCING EDITORIALLY’s 2 year Anniversary!

I’ve had a great first two years. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few of my clients benefit from my talents and gain themselves publishing contracts. I’ve seen 5 star reviews and readers become faithful followers of my clients’ books. It’s been good and I want to be good for you too. I want to continue to be here to assist you too. <3

In celebration, I would like to remind everyone that if you’re a new client thinking about hiring me to do a full Polishing of your manuscript – be sure to read what that entails HERE – you’re entitled to a FREE sample edit of the first 2000 words of your manuscript, whether you hire me or not. But to celebrate my Anniversary, I’m doing something special!
***In addition, for the rest of the month of September, any new client, whether you’re looking for a full Polish or just a copy edit, is welcome to a FREE sample edit of the first 2000 words of their manuscript. So try me out…you might just love what I can do to make your work even better than you thought. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask away. You can leave me a comment, use any of the contact forms located throughout this site, or send me an email at romancingeditorially @ aol dot com.

***Offer good only through 11:59 PM EDT on September 30, 2015 – sample must be in my mailbox prior to that cut-off time or it will only be free if you’re considering a full Polish. Thank you.

September 8th marks INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY and all this week, Grammarly is helping to spread the word and aid the cause. I hope you’ll spread the word so more people around the world can delight in the benefits of reading. Happy Reading and Writing Everyone. <3

Literacy Day

Infographic attributed to https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker.

Even the Best Writers Needed an Editor…

author-writing-writer“Dear Aspiring Writer, you are not ready. Stop. Put that finished story away and start another one. In a month, go back and look at the first story. RE-EDIT it. Then send it to a person you respect in the field who will be hard on you. Pray for many many many red marks. Fix them. Then put it away for two weeks. Work on something else. Finally, edit one last time. Now you are ready to sub your first work.

Criticism is hard to take at first. Trust me, I’ve been there. But learn to think of crit marks as a knife. Each one is designed to cut away the bad and leave a scar. Scars prove you’ve lived, learned and walked away a winner. Any writer who tells you they don’t need edits is lying. I don’t care if they have 100 books out. Edits make you grow and if you aren’t growing as a writer, you are dead.” ― Inez Kelley

You would not believe how tempted I was to edit this, but it is great advice.

Perfection is unattainable but you can get very close with patience, revisions, an aggressive editor (that’s me), and thick skin.

The Grammarly team has created a fun post, demonstrating how no one is above writing mistakes and although, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY has endured the most when it comes to criticism for its poor writing, some of the greats are guilty too.

Grammarly: Fifty Shades of Grammar

Content attributed to grammarly.com/grammar-check

As you can see, behind every great writer should be a good editor, and if you can’t afford one who charges thousands of dollars, and makes you pay for multiple editorial services, you can afford me.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Are You Looking for a Traditional #Publisher for Your Book?

Good Writing

Not everyone is interested in indie publishing his/her work, and that’s understandable. Indie publishing takes a lot of work, in some cases – a lot of money, and with no guarantees, so perhaps traditional publishing is the right choice for you. Just remember, you still want your work to shine its brightest before submitting to any publisher and I’m here to help you with that. Remember, I’ll polish it so bright, your readers will need shades.

Here are just a few of the many publishers actively seeking exciting new voices:

Avon Impulse/Avon Romance: 

Avon Impulse is the ebook division of Avon Romance and publishes the majority of new authors but once established in ebook sales, an author can progress to traditional print as well. Avon Impulse is always on the lookout for new voices, new and different romances from erotic romance to New Adult, historical to contemporary.
Avon books are sold at nearly every digital marketplace available including through Harper Collins.

If you have a completed manuscript that you think Avon would be interested in, you’ll need a query, brief synopsis, a favorite scene from your work, and the completed manuscript in any readable format. They’re not too particular about that, but standard best is 12 pt Times Roman, double-spaced with 1 inch borders. Make sure you include name, pen name, and good contact information such an active email address.

Avon Impulse is currently open for submissions and looking for:

~~ Romantic Suspense

~~ Super sexy contemporaries

~~ Trilogies—and beyond (If you have a series, they want to see it.)

~~ Historical Romance with a hook

So if you think you have what they want, submit to Avon Impulse at



Totally Entwined:  

Totally Entwined was established in 2006, and has already been successful with Totally Bound (Erotic Romance), but this year has added three new publishing houses to their already expanding business—Young Adult, Crime & Thriller, and Gay Fiction.

Totally Entwined is a royalty paying, full service traditional publisher with a full support staff, and marketing team.

They only accept electronic communication. Manuscripts and other items must be sent via e-mail attachment, as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file.
You will need to include, a detailed synopsis of your book, completed double-spaced manuscript formatted in standard 12 pt, and Book Antiqua is preferred.

Include your name, pen name and contact e-mail in the Query Letter and Synopsis.

They are looking for several different lengths, genres, and if your story is really hot—all the better. So go for it, and if you think, you have what they’re looking for check out the submission guidelines for Totally Entwined at



Calderwood Books:

Calderwood Books is an ebook publisher, first started in 2007. They do have print on demand versions available for some books. Most ebook publishers these days focus on Romance only, but Calderwood Books has a much broader approach. They publish most genre work except for erotica, and are especially interested in cross genre work, which doesn’t necessarily fit into an established market.

Their slogan is: Good Readers Deserve Good Books.

It’s a small company run by only three people, but they have been around for a while now and are firmly established. Their books are available in most major digital marketplaces.

Calderwood Books is currently open for submissions. There is not listed deadline for when they’ll close so I advise keeping an eye on them and if you’re interested in submitting, do it soon.

To submit, send Calderwood Books an email with the word ‘query’ in the subject line, a cover letter, a bio, and a short and concise synopsis of your book. As with many publishers, they prefer you don’t send attachments so put only what is requested in your email. That also means they prefer you do NOT send sample chapters or full manuscripts. They’ll ask you for more if they’re interested.

Their guidelines don’t mention word limits, but most of the books published by them are on the shorter side, which seems to becoming somewhat the norm for some publishers of ebooks.

To learn more about Calderwood Books visit



Happy Writing Everyone!

Where Do You Plan To Publish Your Book?


Well, it’s a New Year! You’re getting a clean slate, and a chance to take control of your writing life. Have you finished your book? Had an editor look at it? Let me know if you haven’t, but most importantly, if you’re going indie – where are you going to publish your book?

Well how about wherever you want to publish it? The world is open to you.

We all know about Amazon and yes, you definitely want to make your book available through Amazon, but what about all of the other readers who don’t use Kindle. Yes, you heard me. There are many readers who do not own a Kindle or read on a Kindle app. I have a Kindle App available to me, but I prefer to read on my Kobo reader. And folks, there are books unavailable to me – why are they unavailable? Well, it’s because the authors have only published on Amazon.

When I hear of an author publishing independent, I immediate head over to Smashwords to see if it might be available there because at Smashwords, I can get an .epub edition but sadly, it doesn’t happen often.

You’re probably asking where else can I publish free other than Amazon? My darlings, anywhere you want.

You can publish at Amazon at Kindle Direct Publishing.

You can publish at Barnes and Noble – check out their Publisher and Author Guidelines.

You can publish at Kobobooks at Kobo Writing Life.

You can publish at Smashwords.com where you can publish your ebook in every digital format to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive, Flipkart, Oyster, Scribd,  Baker & Taylor’s Blio and Axis360 (libraries!) and more.

So where are you going to publish? It’s a great big publishing world out there and you definitely want to reach all of the readers, not just some.

Happy Writing and Publishing!
Don’t forget I’m here to assist you in making your manuscript all it can be before you hit that Publish Button. :-)

Blurb Writing – It really isn’t as easy as you think & you want to do it right!


I’ve written about blurb writing before but it’s a subject worth revisiting. I’ve been reading a lot of very weak blurbs lately. Why do some authors feel it’s okay to present poor grammar in blurbs? Your blurb is the first thing you present in written form to your reader – make sure it is properly written. First impressions are lasting impressions – make it a good one!

It’s true that book covers help sell books because it’s the first thing a reader sees and if the cover is attractive and eye-catching, it will draw the attention the book needs, but it’s the back cover blurb that truly sells a book. With such a large variety of books in various formats from which to choose, authors need to set their book apart from the others on the shelves and amid the long lists of e-books available online. Yes, the cover catches the reader’s eye, the title might intrigue, but ultimately it is the blurb that sells a book.

A blurb is a brief description of the book that intrigues the reader to want to read more. A book blurb is not to be confused with a synopsis, which actually tells the entire story in short form and used primarily when submitting. You certainly don’t want to give away the entire story to a reader before actually selling him/her the book.

Think of a blurb like a movie trailer. It teases, it intrigues, and it hooks the reader into the story without giving away too many details. It makes the reader say, “Oooh, I want to read that one.”

Some tips on writing great book blurbs include doing your research, using the correct voice, tense, focusing on the underlying trope or theme of the story, and keeping it brief. Now this might sound easy enough to do, and for some it does come with ease but for others not so much. That’s where an editor can help but every author should try his or her hand at blurb writing before turning to a professional for assistance. You never know if you can until you try.

Do your research – read as many blurbs as possible. If you have shelves full of your writing genre, you’ve got all you need. Look at your favorite books. What was it about the blurbs that made you purchase those particular books? Get a feel for the format and style of the best blurbs. Take notes on what stands out most and intrigues the reader in you. What makes you want to read more about the characters and the story? What is the hook? Use those blurbs and your notes in preparing to write your own book blurb.

Write your blurb in the same voice as your book. If your book is dark and tragic, be sure the blurb carries the same emotion. If your book is light at heart, and filled with humor share that feeling in your blurb, but don’t give it all away – no spoilers allowed. 

Write your blurb in present tense. Whether you have written your book in third-person past, first-person present, or any other combination, make sure you write your blurb in third-person present. Think about those movie trailers. “Life is changing for Maggie, how will she accept it? Dave was a star once, but now he’s working toward a comeback? Will he make it or fail?” 

Charge your blurb with focusing on the underlying trope or theme of the story such as it being a suspense, second chance romance, or tragic love affair. Your full-length saga may seem too intricate in plotting to pull together into roughly 150 to 200 words, but writing the blurb can actually benefit you by making you focus in on what is truly the most important aspect of your story without minimizing the rest. Hone in on the main points of your story, and what pushes the story along more than anything else. It might help to write a 3 to 4 page synopsis before attempting to write your blurb. The synopsis will give you the full story. If you’re going by way of traditional publishing, you will need to write a synopsis anyway, so you may as well get it out of the way. Once you have the full story pared down, drop the ending and pull the whole thing down tighter into one page focusing on the most important points in your story and the effects those points have on the main characters.

Keeping it brief – as I already mentioned, a typical blurb is only going to max out at roughly 200 words and consists of 2 or 3 paragraphs at most. This is what makes writing a blurb so difficult, and even frustrating. You only have a short amount of space consisting of only a small number of perfectly chosen words to entice, tease, and hook the reader before that reader moves on. Remember that movie trailer, well, in a crowded theater, with people seeking seats and getting settled, the trailer only has a few minutes to convince the viewers into coming back to see the movie. In that same manner, your book blurb only has a moment in a crowded bookstore or while browsing a long list of titles online to capture the reader’s attention, and sell your book.

Now, I’ve given you the tools to write your book blurb but if after several tries, you still feel you’re at a loss and need assistance, I am here to help. Whether you need assistance writing it from the start, or simply need a good polishing to make sure that it is all that it can be to make your book present itself with the best-selling face, I can help you achieve the polish you want at reasonable rates. Feel free to check out my services by clicking HERE.

Thank you and Happy Blurb Writing!

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