The Elysian Realm PNR series

Welcome to the Elysian Realm

(a paranormal romance series)

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Evolution in any species continues until extinction claims its end. Some will embrace the changes, while others will resist. When those who resist act to prevent the changes, they become dangerous to the entire species. When those with corrupt and evil intent attempt to change the world for Elysians and humans, will the others who wish to maintain the balance be able to save the world for the sake of all?

ELYSIAN HEARTS NEVER FORGET, book one in the Elysian Realm series

The son of Apollo is lonely. After a century without love, Christian Delos finds life holds very little pleasure anymore, and returning to England during a war does nothing to improve his mood. With soldiers setting up camp on the grounds of the manor, he knows he must be even more diligent in keeping his centuries-old secret or risk exposure.

In need of work, Alicia Courtland arrives to find soldiers on the grounds of the estate. The thought of them there gives her an added sense of security—until she meets the master of the manor. More handsome and charming than any man she ever met, she senses something strange about him but her attraction is undeniable even as she finds him mysterious and possibly dangerous.

A simple life in the English countryside edges up to complicated when those at the manor come under attack. With the hope that Alicia might be his true mate, Christian suspects a jealous past lover might be behind the trouble. Can he convince Alicia of their eternal fate while keeping her safe?

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ELYSIAN EVOLUTION, book two in the Elysian Realm series

Caught between the human world and the Realm, Serena Kane lives a lonely existence. Then a handsome stranger enters her life and in a single night, her life is changed forever and the Elysian in her awakens.

His true mate. Lucien Balderson was sent to kill her. But as soon as he touches her, he knows he will protect her with all his skills or die trying.  

Now there are more questions than answers. Someone wants them dead and even as they know who, it is the why that leaves them confused. Can Lucien protect her even as he must win her trust, her heart, and convince her how important she is to the world, the Realm, and to him?

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ELYSIAN RISING, book three in the Elysian Realm series

Not the kind of man who shares well, fate deals Theo Balderson a harsh blow when the beautiful true mate of another steps off a plane and into his heart.

Calista Beli has lived in confused misery for almost a century. Now she seeks refuge with those who will trust her least. When the handsome and arrogant warrior blocks his thoughts, her confusion mounts as her attraction grows and the idea of what it can mean.

With their world turned upside down by death and betrayal, neither knows who or what to trust. When the truth of Calista’s fate and importance to the Realm becomes clear, the battle to protect her begins. But when she is given the choice of an esteemed role or forever with Theo, which will she choose?

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ELYSIAN RESISTING, book four in the Elysian Realm series

Sachi Xaman has no time or desire for romantic entanglements, especially with her. With his heart plagued by the betrayal of family and friends, he trusts no one. Protecting the Realm, defeating his enemies and anyone who stands with them is more than enough.

Feeling like an outsider, newly transformed, Aurora Standish is still getting used to her amazing new life. But her new abilities are minimal compared to the others. Now her growing desire for the fierce and sexy Mayak warrior makes her feel even more insignificant.

Inexplicably drawn to the Elysian changeling, he dismisses any possibility that she could be his true mate even as his attraction increases. But even as denial turns to acceptance, continuing attacks, as well as the past, threaten to pull her from him. Will he be able to win her sweet innocent heart or lose her forever?

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ELYSIAN REUNITED, book five in the Elysian Realm series

Fate. The gods are out to get the son of Apollo. After waiting nearly another century for his true mate, Christian Delos refuses to believe this spoiled brat could be her. Beautiful but willful, obstinate, and rebellious, she is in desperate need of a spanking—one he is most willing to provide.

Freedom. Kiko Balderson wants freedom, not commands. When her father sends a handsome stranger to bring her home, she refuses to go without a deal—a deal she does not plan to honor.

Even after he helps her star-crossed lover friends, Kiko refuses Christian. Now, he is ready to drag her home and say good riddance. But when the evil he is trying to protect her from finds them, he knows he will die before he allows her harm even as she continues to deny him as her true mate. Will she ever accept him or must he face the rest of this life alone?

ELYSIAN RETRIBUTION, book six in the Elysian Realm series

Forever alone. Salana has encountered it all—good and bad, but one thing has always eluded him. Passion. When his cat catches the scent of a beautiful red-haired Asgardian woman with topaz eyes, more than a purr tells him his time has come.

He fascinates her. Alina long ago reconciled to being alone only when a mesmerizing and alluring shifter enters her life, passion and desire fill her thoughts but fear over what others might think holds her back. The distraction of desire becomes her enemy while working to counter the evil undermining the Realm and putting everyone at risk.

After discovering a dark world of human enslavement and facing some of the most powerful Elysians, Alina and Salana lead the way to what may be the Realm’s greatest battle. When confronted with adversaries that only know how to dole out cruelty and pain, Salana discovers he owes one for his blindness. He and his cat desire revenge. But when Alina falls prey to the evildoers, and the fate of captive Elysians hangs in the balance, he and his cat must surrender to necessity rather than vengeance, but will he lose the love he waited so long for as a result?

ELYSIAN SHIFTER BAD BLOOD, book seven in the Elysian Realm series

Different from everyone around her, Astrid wants to find where she belongs in the Realm…

Having lived a life as a lone wolf, Luis concentrates on his purpose in the community instead of life…

When Luis meets a beautiful and unusual woman, who dislikes him from the moment of their first encounter, his desire for her and her approval consumes him.

Sent on a mission together, Astrid and Luis continue trying to deny their attraction and what it could mean. Now, they are confronted with a hatred for shifters that puts them and their team in great danger. When Luis is taken captive, Astrid fears she will lose him before she can be sure he is her true mate.

Will she be able to save him before he succumbs to a fate worse than death?

You will love this next generation paranormal romance because everyone wants to believe love really is eternal. Get the newest book in the riveting Elysian Realm series now and discover that the gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

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