Free Editorial Polishing Sample

Perhaps you’d like to see what my complete editorial polishing can do for your manuscript before you hire me.

I am offering one FREE EDITING SAMPLE per first time customer.

You can send me the first 2000 words from your manuscript – that’s approximately 8 pages. I prefer it to be the first part of your book merely because if you’re going wrong, it will surely show in the first pages no matter how many times you’ve already edited it. With up to 8 pages of story, I can see where your strengths and weaknesses are and thereby, assist you in turning those weaknesses into strengths.

If you approve of what I do with those pages, we can arrange for the rest of the manuscript to get the same extensive editing and the first 2000 words stay FREE. If you don’t approve or decide that you don’t need my services, you pay me nothing.

Interested in receiving a FREE EDITING SAMPLE? Contact me today!

Happy Writing!

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