Let’s Talk Blurbs

Let’s talk BLURBS:

Some authors love to write blurbs for their stories and do so beautifully. Those authors don’t need my help, but then there are those of us who squirm at the thought of condensing their story into a few lines.

I’ve read my share of blurbs because I’ve been reading forever. I am a blurb reader and a good blurb will sell me faster on a book than a sexy or gorgeous cover. Then again, I can’t imagine how many good reads I’ve passed up because the blurb just didn’t do it for me.

It is simple – Blurbs Sell Books!

I’m offering to edit and polish your blurb until it shines even brighter than your manuscript because it is the first thing a readers sees of your work.
How much to do this?

Are you ready?

If I do a comprehensive editing on your full manuscript – I will write the blurb for you, assist you in writing it, or edit your blurb for FREE with one revision!

Yes, FREE. (if you need additional revisions – regular additional revision fees will be applied)

Need your blurb written or polished with no other services –

My rate: 10¢ per word in the final blurb, with one free revision 
– additional revisions $5.00 for each

No flat fees that give those with long blurbs more for their money leaving those with short blurbs to make up the difference – you only pay for the number of words in the final blurb.

Contact me today and let’s create a blurb or shine your blurb so bright it captures every reader’s attention.