In the Arms of Her Angel, Book 3 – Seekers of the Past series

Through the Journal Pages…

He is a she. Awakened by a thief, Daniel Embry discovers the filthy wharf rat of a boy is instead a beautiful woman and in much need of his assistance.

Everything about him is so tempting. Jail is not an option Ginny Blackwood can afford so with nothing more than a strange riddle to guide them, she agrees to allow the handsome and insistent captain to help her solve it.

Haunted by her past and willing to do whatever it takes to rescue her father, Ginny keeps her secrets close. When Daniel shows her the kindness and affection she craves, she slowly opens up to him. Only can she trust him with the truth of her past—as well as her heart?

Emma and Sam continue to seek the origins of the treasure. This time the ancestral magic of the journal takes them on another treasure hunt…into the past.

***Each book in this series can be read as a standalone historical romance with the first and sixth books set in the present.

Currently available in print and Kindle format at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.