For the Sake of Honor, Book 2, Seekers of the Past series

A Journal to the Past…

The Seekers of the Past search for the origins of the gold only to find it begins in post-revolutionary Virginia when Emma’s ancestor promised the girl he left behind that he would return, and they would be together forever.

Heartbroken when the only man Anna Pelt ever loved returns from England with a fiancée, she questions her place in his world. Joshua Embry knows his heart will only ever belong to the girl he left behind, but now honor insists he accept the bride chosen for him by his parents even as he desires and loves Anna.

Even as fate brings her the potential for an independent life, she feels betrayed and discarded. Not wanting to make the same mistake in life her mother had, she now faces a decision that will change her life forever. Can she choose love but live without honor?

***Each book in this series can be read as a standalone historical romance with the first and sixth books set in the present.

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