Editing Services

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The World of Publishing is changing every day.
More books are being published faster with digital publishing than ever before, but are they truly ready for the reader? Not always. So the most important asset in an author’s corner – an excellent editor.

As a reader, reviewer, writer, and promoter, I read books all the time that are nowhere near ready to be seen by the reading public. My internal editor edits as I read and so I notice every error, every inconsistency, and every grammatical stumbling block to just being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy where the author takes me. That isn’t what you want for your readers, is it? No, you want them to enjoy the experience you’re providing them as they journey along with your characters. You want the words to flow, create an experience, and step into your characters shoes.

Well, my complete editing package gives you the solution to that problem.

Many authors use Beta Readers to get a feel for how their story is doing with readers and this is something that should definitely continue…but…does the average Beta Reader satisfy every need the manuscript requires so the author is assured it is ready for publication? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Every author is different, just as every manuscript is different but they both need the same thing – a fresh objective eye. As writers, myself included, we get too close to our words. We miss the dropped ones and the misspelled. We fail to notice the repetition of certain words, or the passive voice that sneaks into the scene slowing the flow. We lose track of the point of view and suddenly, our hero is speaking with a falsetto about flowers rather than guns. Okay, maybe not that bad, but do you get my point? You need an intensive editing!

A manuscript needs a fresh eye, and not just a reader who proclaims it fabulous and the ending was tissue-worthy. The manuscript needs for wont of a better word – polishing. An intensive editing to take a look at flow, continuity, grammar, punctuation, continuation of voice, and an overall critique of the story line. It needs someone to look at every word with a keen, sensible eye. Someone who can uncover awkward sentence structure but who can also take those same words and make it work, or recommend how to restructure it with even stronger words to tighten it down, and make it soar. To catch those missing words, wrong pronouns, and passive voice to keep the flow steady and pulling the reader to that fabulous ending. To tell you when the point of view or tense is off, and how and where to correct it. And most importantly, to keep things straight and your work successful.

How many times have you spent good money on a book that you were dying to read only to have to reread a passage two, or even three times, because the wrong name is mentioned and you’re wondering now if you missed the entrance of a new character? I have, too many times to count. Someone should have caught it. If not an editor, then a copy-editor, or a proofreader. If it slipped past any of them, then certainly a beta reader should have caught it. Yet, there it is – in the final copy – in print – seven years down the road and it’s still there. That actually happened. I read a book seven years out from first publication and found the wrong name mentioned in a scene. I wrote the author and she had absolutely no idea the mistake was there. I caught it, why didn’t anyone else? Possibly, because I pay such close attention.

My inner editor is working all the time, no matter what I’m reading, and I’m not afraid to speak up. Every manuscript needs an intensive polishing to shine – even mine. As a reader, I don’t want to spend my money on books which make me question if the author even had a proofreader. As a reviewer, I get bogged down in the poor editing of a great story and it detracts from my enjoyment and my recommendation to read it. As a writer, I’m saddened to see true talent being overshadowed by errors, sloppy POV changes, and repetitive words when I know that had their talent been guided by an editor who has brought award nominations and wins to her clients, their story would have soared and their readership increased.

My solution for you is simple. Let me be your Comprehensive Editor/copy editor/proofreader/reader! I’ll even write your book blurb for you at no additional cost!
I will be your Manuscript Polisher and I will assist you in making it shine so bright, your readers will need shades to read it.

Authors should take pride in what they present to the public and I’m here to help you achieve that goal. And I’ll do it all at a cost that won’t break your bank.

Feel free to browse, check out the services I offer, learn more about me, and my rates. When you’re ready, simply contact me and we’ll discuss your needs. I will never try to oversell you services you don’t need, and I’ll even start you off with a FREE SAMPLE EDITING of the first 2000 words just for being a new customer.

Who doesn’t like something for FREE? If you’re not satisfied with my recommendations, you need go no further. But I believe you’ll be more than satisfied and want me to continue, because I can assist you in creating a gem of a manuscript ready to submit to a publishing house or publish independently with pride. Just check out my testimonial page for proof of satisfied clients.

Then when you’re ready to take the next step, I can give you tips and recommendations on how best to get your book in front of those you want most to see it – the readers. I even make covers too!

So come on, let’s take this journey together – you’ve got everything to gain!

My name is Amy Valentini – I love novels, to read and write, I’m an author and an Editor, and I’m here to help you succeed. Let’s find you success!