The Elysian Realm PNR series

Welcome to the Elysian Realm

(a paranormal romance series)

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Evolution in any species continues until extinction claims its end. Some will embrace the changes, while others will resist. When those who resist act to prevent the changes, they become dangerous to the entire species. When those with corrupt and evil intent attempt to change the world for Elysians and humans, will the others who wish to maintain the balance be able to save the world for the sake of all?

ELYSIAN HEARTS NEVER FORGET, book one in the Elysian Realm series

Even the son of Apollo gets lonely after a century without love. Christian Delos finds life holds very little pleasure anymore and returning to England during a war does nothing to improve his mood. With soldiers setting up camp on the grounds of the manor, he knows he must be even more diligent in keeping his centuries-old secret or risk exposure.

Anxious about seeking work so far from London, Alicia Courtland arrives at Ravenhill Manor to find soldiers on the grounds of the estate. The thought of them there gives her an added sense of security—until she meets the master of the manor. More handsome and charming than any man she ever met, she senses something strange about him and others at the manor but her attraction to him is undeniable even as she finds him mysterious and possibly dangerous.

A simple life in the English countryside edges up to complicated when those at the manor come under attack. While hoping Alicia might be his true mate, Christian suspects a jealous past lover might be behind the trouble. Can he convince Alicia of their eternal fate while keeping her safe?

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ELYSIAN EVOLUTION, book two in the Elysian Realm series

Loneliness fills her soul until a single night changes her life forever and awakens the Elysian in her. Serena Kane has lived over a century and a half caught between the human world and the Elysian Realm but now there are more questions than answers, and the handsome and sexy exterminator sent to kill her is only complicating things.

He fought his suspicions regarding the order given him to kill this beautiful woman but as soon as he touched her, Lucien Balderson knew he would protect her with his life. His true mate.

Even as questions get answers, everything changes for them both. Someone wants Serena, and it seems Lucien as well, out of the way. But why? And can Lucien protect her even as he must win her trust, her heart, and help her understand who and what she is to the world, and to him?

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ELYSIAN RISING, book three in the Elysian Realm series

Fate deals him a harsh blow when the beautiful true mate of another steps off a plane and into his heart. Asgardian Theo Balderson trusts nothing about Calista Beli or the reasons for leaving her home but his world turns upside down when he suspects she could be his true mate. He has heard of some Elysians having two true mates, but he is not the kind of man who shares.

After almost a century of misery, Calista does not know what to believe anymore. Now she seeks refuge with those who will trust her least and when the handsome yet arrogant and commanding warrior blocks his thoughts from her, she becomes confused by her attraction to him and what it means.

Now, death and betrayal falls on Asgard, but who can be trusted? When the truth of Calista’s fate and importance to the Realm becomes clear, the battle to protect her begins. But when she is given a choice of an honorable future or forever love with Theo, which will she choose?

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ELYSIAN RESISTING, book four in the Elysian Realm series

Sachi Xaman has no time or desire for romantic entanglements, especially with her. With his heart now plagued by the betrayal of family and friends, he trusts no one so instead, he sets his mind on protecting the Realm, defeating his enemies and anyone who stands with them.

Newly transformed, Aurora Standish is still getting used to this amazing new life, but she feels like an outsider in the Elysian Realm. Her new abilities are minimal compared to others and now her growing attraction to the fierce and sexy Mayak warrior makes her feel even more so.

Inexplicably drawn to the Elysian changeling, Sachi dismisses any possibility that she could be his true mate even as his attraction increases. But even as denial turns to acceptance, continuing threats of danger, as well as the past, threaten to pull her from him. Will he be able to win her sweet innocent heart or lose her forever?

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