Welcome to the Elysian Realm

(a paranormal romance series)

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Evolution in any species continues until extinction claims its end. Some will embrace the changes, while others will resist. When those who resist act to prevent the changes, they become dangerous to the entire species. When those with corrupt and evil intent attempt to change the world for Elysians and humans, will the others who wish to maintain the balance be able to save the world for the sake of all?

ELYSIAN HEARTS NEVER FORGET, book one in the Elysian Realm series

After living without love for over a century, Christian Delos finds life holds very little pleasure anymore, and returning to England during a war certainly does nothing to improve his mood. Now, with soldiers setting up camp on the grounds of the manor left in his care, he knows he must be even more diligent in keeping his centuries-old secret or risk exposure.

In need of work, Alicia Courtland arrives at Ravenhill Manor to find soldiers training on the grounds of the estate. The thought of them there gives her an added sense of security—until she meets the master of the manor. More handsome and charming than any man she ever met before, she senses something strange about him and others at the manor—something mysterious and possibly dangerous.

A simple life in the English countryside edges up to complicated when the occupants of the manor come under attack. While hoping Alicia might be his true mate, Christian suspects a jealous past lover might be behind the trouble. Can he convince Alicia of their fate while keeping her safe?

Available to read for #free at KindleUnlimited

ELYSIAN EVOLUTION, book two in the Elysian Realm series

Because she belongs in neither the Elysian Realm nor the human world, Serena Kane yearns for something more but faces only a long life of loneliness. Her differences keep her from knowing love or having a true mate, until what comes her way one night does more than surprise her—it awakens her.

Lucien Balderson questions everything about the extermination order given by a High Counsel and refuses to move forward until he has answers from the girl who has captured more than his interest. As soon as he touches her, a greater question fills his mind—could she be his true mate?

Even as his questions get answers, everything changes for them both. New questions arise as to the reasons for a High Counsel wanting the extermination of an innocent and why she now attempts to kill them both. Can Lucien win Serena’s trust, her heart, and help her understand who and what she is to the world and to him?

Available to read #Free at KindleUnlimited

Welcome to my corner of the web.

My name is Amy Valentini and I am an author, a seasoned Reviewer, and an excellent Editor who has found success for my clients in the form of publishing contracts, best selling status, and awards. Feel free to check out my editorial and cover design services as well.
In fact, feel free to explore all of Romancing Editorially and perhaps you and I can find success for your manuscript together or just a fabulous new read.



4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Stephen Saul November 25, 2013 at 9:10 PM Reply

    Hi, I got your message. Don’t sweat New York. Virginia, in my opinion, is a much better place. It gives you room to breathe.

    Stephen Saul


    • Amy Valentini November 25, 2013 at 11:27 PM Reply

      Thanks for visiting, Stephen. Virginia is beautiful and so full of history and inspiration. Right? 🙂


  2. Ella J Phoenix May 11, 2014 at 3:39 AM Reply

    I love your work, Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

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