What Clients Are Saying About Their Experience At Romancing Editorially
***”Thank goodness for Amy Valentini at Romancing Editorially. Not only did she clean, tighten and whip my historical novella into shape, but she even checked for historical accuracies. Amy is honest and professional and will edit your manuscript without crushing your voice as a writer. She’s your cheerleader with outstanding grammar skills and your manuscript won’t be the same without her. If you’re looking for an outstanding editor, look no further.”  XOXO
–Jaye Shields, author of the Sex Demon Trilogy, the Immortals in Alameda Trilogy, and Gods and Gladiators, a new novella available now.

Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch***Amy Valentini is a lifesaver. I was amazed that the most difficult part of being an author is writing the blurb. I had just about given up when she helped me realize the words were there they just need to be revamped. She helped me discover the blurb that brought my book to life. Thank you, Amy! — Brandy Dorsch, author of EVERLASTING HUNGER, and blogger at Romancebookworm’s Reviews.


                              ***Amy Valentini is the best. I believe it’s because of her that I got a 3 yr contract Jake by Susan Fisher Daviswith Secret Cravings Publishing. Amy’s patient and believe me, she needs to be with me. I went into panic mode several times but Amy was there to talk me through it. She’s so good at what she does that I will have her polishing up all my work before sending it in to my publisher. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I’d probably be still writing and praying for a publisher to notice me. Amy’s my rock and I trust her completely. I can never thank her enough.Susan Fisher-Davis, JAKE, a Men of Clifton Montana novel from Secret Cravings Publishing.  Best GABE by Susan Fisher-Davis
Newly released, GABE, second book in the Men of Clifton Montana series.




Best FINDING NATHAN by HJ Harley***Amy was amazing. She was professional, thorough and dependable. This job was sort of thrown in her lap at the 12th hour and she worked so hard to not only edit my book but to give constructive input, and helpful tips all while allowing it to still be my book, my voice. I cant tell you the amount of pressure I was under and that pressure was passed down to Amy…she handled it like a champ. While I was the one who was the hot mess, she stayed composed and calm finishing the edits on time and my MS was in A+ shape when it hit my publisher’s inbox. I honestly would have never met my deadline without her. She was always accessible and on top of things. I’ll never be able to thank her enough. —HJ Harley, FINDING NATHAN, book two of the Jordan Spagnato series available now from the author of FINDING JORDIE


***As testimony to Amy’s editorial aplomb, I post the following–a revision of the scene in the post below based on Amy’s feedback. She felt I used too many commas and should consolidate the descriptive passages to stay more focused on the action. Here’s what I did with the feedback: “With a disgruntled snort, he returned his eyes to the panoramic view: the slate rooftops and green fields of Stirling, the rock bridge where William Wallace divided and conquered the invading English army, the boggy carse where Robert the Bruce finally broke the chains of English bondage, the flat bank of hills fortifying Fife, and, finally, the first purple hills of the Highlands. Home.” If you’d like to read more of Nina’s Highland prose, visit her post, Call the Midwife. — Nina Mason, author of THE QUEEN OF SWORDS and blogger at NINA MASON.

Best VAMPIRE LEGACY by Ella J PhoenixSo thrilled to announce the release of VAMPIRE LEGACY, book four in the Dragon Heat series by Ella J. Phoenix – an extraordinary paranormal romance writer, of whom I am a huge fan and so honored I was allowed to work on this amazing story with her. ❤