What You Can Expect – Terms of Service





Acceptance of Service Agreement

–    Contracting the services of Romancing Editorially implies acknowledgment and acceptance of this company’s service agreement as detailed in this document. If for any reason, the Author changes the decision to procure the service of Romancing Editorially, written notice must be provided. *see Termination of Agreement*

–     A personal service agreement shall be issued prior to the start of service containing cost count based on word count provided by the Author.

Rights & Confidentiality

–    The copyright, together with all publishing rights, of the Author’s Work shall remain the property of the Author. Romancing Editorially acquires no rights of ownership to the Work under this agreement, and any subsequent individual service agreement.

–    This project and any information, whether oral or written, disclosed by the Client to the Editor shall be kept confidential at all times.

Delivery of Manuscript

–   The Author will complete all payments for services selected in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon in a personal service agreement, and will deliver the Work in Word.doc format by email to romancingeditorially at aol dot com

Payments & Refunds

–    Payment for all services shall be made through a PayPal invoice in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon in the client service agreement.

–    All payments made by the Author to Romancing Editorially are refundable until the date the Author delivers the Work to Romancing Editorially or the date of commencement of the selected services. After Romancing Editorially has commenced any services, all fees are non-refundable.


–    Romancing Editorially’s responsibility is to offer advice and suggestions to the Author on how to improve a publication, and to notify the Author of any legally questionable material as soon as it is discovered. While Romancing Editorially will make every effort to bring such material to the attention of the Author, the Author agrees to indemnify Romancing Editorially from any and all claims, including legal fees, arising out of any alleged defamation or copyright infringement committed by the Author in creating the work.

Termination of Agreement

–    Either party has the authority to terminate the Agreement at any time, without cause, by giving the other party written notice prior to commencement of service.

Editing Rounds

–    Upon receipt of the first round of edits, the Author may accept or decline any and all editing suggestions made by Romancing Editorially but if the Author declines such edits, the Author must give good reason and allow Romancing Editorially to address, respond, and/or correct the areas of concern during the second round of edits. If the Author is still in disagreement with the edits suggested, the Author may terminate the agreement, however, no refund of payments already made will be refunded. No copy of the Author’s Work will be reserved.

–    The initial cost of editing only applies to two rounds of edits. Any additional requests for editing will be paid at the rates designated under Editing and Costs. Full editing service consists of a full check on grammar, spelling, punctuation, continuity problems, suggestions regarding editorial changes, flow, and/or character building within the Author’s Work. For additional rate info, please see: Polishing Rates.

Submitting and Securing Manuscripts

–    All materials submitted to Romancing Editorially for editing must be in Microsoft Word Document file form. All returned materials to the Author will contain edits in Track Changes. The Author must ensure the Word Program used accepts Track Changes.

–    The Author reserves the right to terminate the agreement once Romancing Editorially has sent a personal service agreement, which states the final cost and payment requirements. If the Author has previously sent a sample or file containing the Work but decides to terminate any service agreement, Romancing Editorially will delete any and all materials in its possession, including sample, blurb, and manuscript.

–    Upon receipt of any of the Author’s Work by Romancing Editorially, any and all materials will be stored and secured on a separate hard drive to protect its integrity, and secure it from possible file corruption. Upon completion of editing services, and final delivery of the Author’s Work, any, and all, files will be deleted from both the main working file, and the back up on the separate hard drive. No unpublished version of the Author’s Work will remain in the possession of Romancing Editorially once the service agreement is finalized and last payment received.

Editing Details and Cost

–   An extensive edit is based on the final original manuscript word count, and therefore the amount of editing time required to complete a content edit. A time frame will be stated with a start date and finish date in the personal service agreement. If for any reason, Romancing Editorially fails to complete the first round of edits by the set date without prior notification, the Author may choose an additional service at no additional cost, including a third reading. See Services Available. The second reading is usually just for proofing, and overall readability so it will take less time. Romancing Editorially will inform the Author of a final return of the Work at the time of receipt of manuscript for the second reading.

The rate for an extensive substantive edit or full polishing is US$0.009 per word. The rate for a copy-edit is US$0.0045 per word or agreed upon amount if over 100K words. Any additional readings are $30.00 per reading, and blurb editing at $5.00 per round. All monies are to be paid in US dollars.

For additional rate disclosure, please see: Polishing Rates.


–   The Author does not need to acknowledge the editing work done by Romancing Editorially, in their online or printed published work, but it sure would be nice. 🙂


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