A Pirate’s One and Only, Book 5, the Seekers of the Past series

Where It All Began…

Their journey through time leads the Seekers of the Past to Jamaica when pirates roamed the Caribbean at the turn of the 19th Century…

As a pirate and wanted man, visiting Kingston on a normal day can be dangerous at best but after rescuing a beautiful woman from unwanted advance, Capitán Tomás Alvarez is willing to risk anything to see her again.

Marred by burns, Gabrielle Hawkings finds trying to survive in a world shunned by others difficult. A trip to the market one day changes everything when a handsome captain comes to her rescue. Seemingly unaffected by a glimpse of her scars, his stolen kiss awakens a desire unknown to her as a spinster. But can such a man ever love her?

When the British try to use Gabrielle as bait to catch him, Tomás must do what he must to protect her so neither of them meets the hangman’s noose. But when presented with the revenge he has sought for years, will it be worth losing the woman he loves?

*** Each book in this series can be read as a standalone historical romance with the first and sixth books set in the present.

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