Pure Fire, a romantic suspense contemporary thriller

It is said it cleans and purifies.

Something evil is stalking the city…and with more than enough on her mind already, fear for the women disappearing makes Faith O’Reilly tenser than ever. Detective Ryan Davies has a job to do but deceiving his beautiful landlady is not on his list of things he desires doing with her.

With her deliciously sexy tenant back home, life may be looking up for Faith but then her best friend dies from a brutal attack. She wants answers and begins to look at everyone around her, including Ryan. When she discovers the truth about him, she feels betrayed. After getting to know her better, Ryan knew the truth might drive a wedge between them and he could lose her, but now it might also put her directly in the path of mortal danger.

Will he save her in time only to lose her forever?

If you enjoy tension-filled, keep you guessing, edge of the seat romantic suspense contemporary, you will love Pure Fire. Grab your copy now because sometimes death is closer than you think.

Available in print and digital at Amazon and KindleUnlimited.