Great Rates

Manuscript Polishing Rate:

Let’s get you ready for publication. Since authors are all about word counts, my rates are simply calculated. It’s all about the number of words and not the pages. Why not pages? One page can be filled to capacity with approximately 250 words (standard for manuscript formatting) or it can have two words on it. Would you really want to be charged for that one or two pages that have only a few words on it? I didn’t think so. That is why I charge by the word, and I don’t charge an exorbitant price either like some editors so that before you know it, you’re at close to $3000 for just a copy-edit. Oh no! First of all, the copy-edit is included in the initial price of a full comprehensive editing.

So…what do I charge, you ask!

My rate: $0.009 per word in the original manuscript.

All fees are calculated based on the original manuscript word count on a per word basis, with the exception of any flat-fee services.

That’s it, no more – no less. I don’t charge one rate for novellas and another for full-length. If you want me to edit a 50,000 word manuscript, it will only cost $450. We can also work out a payment plan, although I only ask half up front and the balance due when we’re done.***

Also, your cost does not increase if the word count increases, and I guarantee it will increase. The word count you give me at the time of delivery of the manuscript is the cost you pay, no additional per word cost will be added. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?

Also, it won’t simply be a proofread. Oh no! 

I will look at everything about your manuscript. Of course, I will check for spelling but I will also be watching for continuity – i.e. name changes, eye color, hair color, even changes in the weather. Oh yes, I’ve seen a change in the weather where it went from blizzard conditions to clear skies and warm temperatures in just one scene. Not good at all.

I will be checking plot irregularities, character weaknesses, grammar, looking for too much passive voice, missing words, incorrect use of words, dialogue, flow, point of view, and continuity in your timeline, even what clothes your characters are wearing. I am a perfectionist. I will look at every word, in every scene and I assure you, I will find things you missed. As authors, we are too close to our own work sometimes, and it’s easy to miss so much. It’s why we need an objective fresh set of eyes. I will be that set of eyes for you. At times, I might be harsh. I might even tell you to take something out or expand somewhere else, but I will also tell you when you’re on the right track to an amazing read. I teach as well as edit and my goal is to help you be a better writer.

My full comprehensive editorial polishing rate includes two readings* and I’ll also throw in the book’s blurb polishing as part of the package – FREE! That’s a great deal since I’m very good at writing blurbs, and taglines too.**

*an additional $30 charge for each additional reading will be charged after the first two but hopefully, you won’t need but two readings.

**if you need just a blurb/tagline written and/or edited, contact me and for only 10¢ per word in the final blurb, with one free revision, we can put together what you need to capture the attention of readers. Additional revisions are $5 each.

***For larger word counts over 70K, payments will be broken down into three parts with a 1/3 retainer at the start. If needed, payment arrangements can be made…you only need ask me about it. All payments are done through PayPal.

Now…if all you need is a Copy-Edit – meaning you’re satisfied with your characters, the plotting, the general flow of the manuscript but need a second set of eyes to look for simple grammar problems, spelling, and common errors such as missing words. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a copy-edit and I’m here to do it so it shines! In doing this, I will not make any suggestions as to the content of the manuscript but simply make sure it is publish ready.

This is equivalent to the second round reading of the complete comprehensive package outlined above and so can be done at a lower rate and in a faster time frame. The turn around time depends on the length, but the rate is simply $0.0045/word – so that ready (definitely not a first draft) 50K word manuscript will only cost $225 and will include a look at your blurb as well.**
— Please make sure the manuscript has been revised at least twice prior to submitting to me because this is the most basic edit and even if I find a glaring problem with your book, I won’t address it. Thank You.

NEW SERVICE – Full cover designs for $75 … Front covers only for digital publishing for $50. Click HERE to see samples of my finished work. No hidden costs…recommend bringing your own image if possible. Feel free to contact me for more information. Fast turn around and I will work with you until we get it just the way you want it.

For more information, turn around time, and available openings, please contact me, and make sure you ask me about a sample edit if you’re a first time client and want the full package. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your manuscript shine bright enough to get noticed, and noticed is what you want. Contact me today and let’s get your manuscript shining so bright, readers will need shades! 

Let’s find you the success you and your book deserve. 
Happy Writing!