How Editorial Polishing Works

First, you and I will talk. We will discuss where you want to go with your manuscript – are you planning to submit to a publisher, agent, or self-publish – what kind of timeline you have concerning deadlines, or publishing goals, and what you need from me. Once you decide you need my services, you will make half the payment up front (see my rates page for more details regarding word counts over 70K) and upon receipt of payment, I will accept your manuscript or completed chapters. If it’s still a work in progress – yes, I will work with you as you write but only in an advisory manner. I will not look at your manuscript until it has been revised at least once.

Upon receiving your sample or your full manuscript, I will edit it using the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature. I generally edit the manuscript in full before returning it but if there is a major issue, I will return the chapters needing major revision during the course of editing. Upon receipt of the manuscript at the end of the first round, you may accept or dismiss my suggestions/recommendations and I will not argue the point. This is your creation, not mine.

I will use print and online reference resources such as the Merriam-Webster dictionary,, and while editing your manuscript. I will read your work from the point of view of a reader as well as an editor – meaning I will exam your manuscript for its substantive value as well as its grammar, punctuation, spelling, point of view, flow, character development, critical errors, missing words, inconsistencies, and any timeline instability.

Manuscript Length                     Turnaround Time for 1st round*
Fewer than 10,000 words                         2 weeks
10,000-75,000 words                                3 weeks
75,001-115,000 words                              4 weeks
More than 115,000 words                          Custom

*Timeline begins once our initial consultation is complete, a retainer payment is made and I receive your manuscript

My first reading of your manuscript will look at the story as a reader/comprehensive editor.  I will make note of any problems that I find along the way. I’ll make corrections and recommendations on how you can improve it. My second read will be more from the point of view of the reader/reviewer as I check for proofing errors. I will still make note of any problems and will correct errors but my hope at that point will be that the manuscript is as close to final perfection as we can get it. If it needs a third read through, we’ll discuss it and any additional charges. In the end, it will be your decision how much I do and for how long.

Your manuscript will be safe with me, that is a promise. I will not share, discuss, or copy anything that is not mine. I will store your manuscript on a separate hard-drive where it will be safe from anyone or anything, including my own computer malfunction. As soon as our work together is complete and your manuscript is polished to your approval, I will delete any files that I have. Your manuscript is yours always. I abhor piracy and will never share your work.

If you have any questions or concerns about my comprehensive editorial service and/or policies, please feel free to contact me. I’m here to assist you and your book in getting deserved success.

Happy Writing!

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