Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Amy Valentini,

First and foremost, I am an author.

My first series, the Seekers of the Past series, takes the reader on a journey from searching for treasure into the past in search of its origins then back to the present where they discover a true treasure. The entire six book series is available now and also in a digital boxset at Amazon.  I hope you give a read because those who have read it thoroughly enjoyed the adventure judging by the way they begged for each new installment.

My newest series is a departure from Seekers but still full of adventure, suspense, and of course, couples falling in love – the Elysian Realm paranormal series.

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us. The Elysian Realm series begins with Elysian Hearts Never Forget and it is set in March of 1944 during the allied preparation for D-Day. The setting was inspired by my father who served with the 82nd Airborne Division and jumped into Normandy in the darkness of the early morning hours of June 6, 1944. He and his fellow paratroopers camped and trained on the grounds of an estate in Nottingham, England and so this was where I landed Christian Delos to live, entertain soldiers, and meet his true mate. I hope you’ll give his story a read, followed by many more, including the his second chance in book five.

I also have other books, a romantic suspense thriller in Pure Fire, as well as two rom-com inspired contemporaries in When It Doesn’t Stay in Vegas and A Convenient Engagement for those who enjoy a more lighthearted and humorous read. More are in the works and waiting in the wings, including an post-apocalyptic romance, a companion romantic suspense thriller to Pure Fire, and a woman’s fiction inspired by my mother’s battle with dementia.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Mary Washington College (now known as the University of Mary Washington) in Virginia. I’ve taught high school English, studied paralegal law, worked as a Realtor, as well as owned my own businesses. I’ve worked in offices and written many a letter, contract, and document which made others look fabulous and who had no problem taking the credit. I don’t mind that at all, of course. You see, I enjoy making others look good.

While in college, I earned extra money by typing term papers for fellow students. I was frustrated because I had taken an oath that I would not, in any manner, change their work. Well, I had to type a whole lot of poorly written papers because of that oath. I decided right then that when I finished my degree I was going to head to New York City, get a job as an editor in a publishing company, and write novels. Of course, it didn’t happen that way because life intervened, but it didn’t stop my dream or my need to constantly correct and edit other people’s work. In fact, it has enabled me to assist authors in getting publishing contracts, awards, and followers. My covers aren’t too shabby either – they like awards too.

When I first decided to start my blog Unwrapping Romance in 2011, I had no idea how it would lead me to so much fun and build me such a reputable position as a romance book reviewer. I love everything about the writing community. My affection for this community drives me to promote it and tell the world about the talent which exists within the realm of all genres, and to help make all authors and their talent shine.

If you’re interested in allowing me to assist you to be all you can be as an author, whether looking for an agent/publisher, or planning to self-publish, please contact me so we can talk.  Comments are always welcome, but you may use the contact form for privacy. I don’t mind. I’m open 24/7 for you.

Let me assist in finding success for you and your book. 

Happy Writing!