Let’s Find Success in 2016!


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2016 is our best year ever!

I hope you like my new banner. It highlights some of the success stories I’ve helped provide as well as expanding my own talents. The three larger covers belonging to RYDER, LINCOLN, and A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS (which is releasing January 15, 2016), all wonderful contemporary romances by Susan Fisher-Davis, were created by ME.

Feel free to talk to me about doing something similar for you, if you’re interested. I’m not charging for covers right now because I’m still learning but we can talk…you never know, you might get one done for free while I’m still playing.

I’m so proud of my clients and their success. Tina Mrazik’s All Access series is making its debut this month with book one THE SEARCH FOR PARADISE coming from eXtasy Books on January 22, 2016, with the subsequent books following soon after. I’m so excited for her.

Feel free to ask any of my clients about using my editing services, I’m sure they will be pleased to tell you how happy they are. Let’s find you similar success in 2016.

Happy Writing Everyone!

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