New Release – All Access: FINDING MY WAY BACK HOME by Tina Mrazik


The ALL ACCESS TRILOGY is Now Complete 

Best ALL ACCESS Finding My Way Back Home by Tina Mrazik

Now available at eXtasybooks!

Sometimes paradise isn’t everything after all, and it can slip away in a moment…

I found my paradise. I created it from a lot of hard work, a desire to succeed, sometimes by neglecting those who love me most, and losing others who left me heartbroken. With success comes power, fame, but many times it brings paranoia and despair too. Now, when things can’t possibly be better for me, when things couldn’t be sweeter, and love more wonderful, things begin to start falling apart…and it’s all my own doing.

The life of a superstar isn’t all glamour and happy good times. In fact, it can be downright dangerous at times, scary as hell, and can leave you feeling like you’re spinning out of control. You don’t always know whom best to trust, even when you love them with all of your heart. In the end, it’s up to me, Tina Marz, to find my way back home.


~*~          ~*~

The All Access Trilogy consisting of THE SEARCH FOR PARADISE, PARADISE FOUND, and complete with FINDING MY WAY BACK HOME is an extraordinary story of a rock star, Tina Marz, who finds success in song writing and screenwriting but falls prey to parties, drugs, sex, and stardom. This final installment will strike you to the bone with raw angst, sorrow, and I warn you, have a box of tissues available for a tearful ending. Each is a full-length read and well worth the, what used to be called, a normal price for a full-length novel. I highly recommend this fictional auto-biography of an amazing woman who goes from ‘rags to riches’ and whom everyone seems to fall in love with as soon as they meet her.

Congratulations, Tina Mrazik on an amazing story from beginning to end.

Happy Writing Everyone, and let’s find you similar success.


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