New Cover for Elysian Hearts Never Forget, book one in the exciting Elysian Realm PNR series!

He’s been lonely for over a century. She’s just looking for work. Neither expects to find love. Are they fated to be together this time?

After living so long without love, the son of Apollo, Christian Delos fears he will never meet his true mate again. When a human inspires a timeless desire he hasn’t felt since bonding with his true mate only once before in this life, a simple life in the country edges up to complicated.

Desperate for work in war-torn England, Alicia Courtland meets the mysterious and possibly dangerous master of a strange manor. She tries to keep her distance but cannot deny her intense attraction to him.

After humans around him come under attack, Christian feels the Elysian need to protect them, especially Alicia. Can he convince her she could be his eternal destiny while keeping his centuries-old secret and save her from another early death?

If you enjoy paranormal romance and believe souls are truly connected throughout time, you will love Elysian Hearts Never Forget, the first book in the exciting and adventurous Elysian Realm series. Buy it today and enter a world where the gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Available at Amazon in digital and print formats and free to read at Kindle Unlimted.

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