New Release! Faded Forget-Me-Nots, a forever love suspense romance standalone by Amy Valentini

Available now at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

She was young and jaded. She didn’t know if she could trust him. Was her heart in danger as well as her life?

In a time long ago and a place far away, Claire Daniels fell in love, experienced real passion, had her heart broken, and nearly died. It’s a never forgotten memory from the past that changed her life. Now she fears she may be the only one who remembers it.

The wonderful man she married no longer knows her and without him, her future looks dreadfully forlorn. For the first time in almost sixty years, she will have to live apart from her loving husband. While preparing for that day, she finds a journal from the past that she thought lost long ago.

While reading her words on the pages, they take her back to an incredible summer weekend that left her life changed forever. A time when she discovered she could fall in love and be destroyed by it just as fast.

Now she worries that just as that girl has faded into the old woman she sees in the mirror, her treasured memory might fade away just like the crumbling forget-me-nots tucked inside the pages preserving it. Do memories survive even when seemingly lost forever?

Fans of lifetime love will love Faded Forget-Me-Nots. A story of love forged in the past but threatens to fade away under the ravages of time. Buy this standalone romantic suspense today and grab a box of tissues just in case.

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