Getting the Most Out of Twitter for Promoting


So you’re going to try social networks to reach new readers. Yes, I mentioned a few means in the last post and I hope you check some of them out – especially Triberr – but now you might be wondering the best way to go about using them so as not to make a nuisance of yourself.

It’s a fabulous means of getting lots of followers and lots of attention but if you inundate the feed with constant mention of your blog, your website, or heavens forbid, your book, you might as well just shut down now. Using Twitter to get your book, or your blog, lots of attention is why I mentioned Triberr. Using Triberr and with the help of your tribemates, you’ll reach even more people more quickly without having to spam the feed with lots of tweets from your account.

Some tips to using Twitter:

Start following people who might be interested in what you’re about and who might be willing to help spread the word for you.

Talk to these people – I know it’s not easy to carry on a conversation on Twitter but with practice, you’ll learn how to use few words to get your point across and to utilize your CONNECT feed to keep up with those who might be talking about you and to you.

Get involved with bloggers, reviewers, and publishers on Twitter. Follow them. Participate in Twitter Chats, and follow the bloggers’ blogs.

Don’t, and I emphasize this greatly, DON’T constantly push your book on everyone on Twitter. If you do even ten tweets a day about your book, I guarantee you that your followers will start falling away. Try a tweet in the morning, maybe another late afternoon, and another in late evening. You’re going to hit everyone you want to see your tweets. There are morning Tweeters, afternoon Tweeters, and those night owls and folks from down under who will be riding the Twitter feed.

So remember, when using Twitter to promote your book, your blog, or your website, even if you’re telling folks about something exciting – do it sparingly, do it politely, and do it with fun! Oh, and don’t forget about Triberr. It’s a place of promotion magic.

Happy Tweeting!

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