More Twitter Tips From Someone Just Learning!

Don't Be Rude - Etiquette is the Way to Go! Even on Twitter!
Don’t Be Rude – Etiquette is the Way to Go! Even on Twitter!

A not so unusual thing happened to me one day on Twitter. After sharing another blogger’s post, the author of the book being tweeted about sent me a reply thanking me for requesting a copy of her book to review. I hadn’t requested a copy, and at first was quite annoyed by her assuming I had. I replied, telling her I hadn’t done so and to please don’t do that again. I didn’t want to be nasty about it as some folks can be but wanted her to understand that what she did was wrong. She immediately apologized and told me she was still learning the ins and outs of Twitter and hadn’t realized she had replied to me as well or that it was a share.

My tip to you, no matter who you are:  You must be aware of to whom your reply tweets are going.  If you don’t wish to reply to all names on the reply comment, remove the ones not involved. That’s my tip for you. But the wonderful lady, who I gave a slap on the Twitter hand, wrote a wonderful post called

TWITTER 101: How to Navigate on Twitter

and it’s full of more tips on using Twitter safely and nicely. Please stop by The Notebook Blogairy and take a gander. I think you’ll come away with a new sense of Twitter etiquette and a chuckle.

I had planned my next tips to be about Facebook but couldn’t pass on this. I’ll get back to you next week with my tips on USING FACEBOOK FOR PROMOTING and hopefully, they’ll keep you from screaming at your computer screen and wanting to write FB horrible nasty letters. I’ve been there and done just that.

Happy writing! 🙂

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