Facebook – Make It Your Outlet to the World



I apologize for not being around for the next installment of how to use social networking to promote yourself and your book but life has a tendency to throw us some curves occasionally that fill our time, our thoughts, and our obligations. That’s what has happened to me recently and it’s taking some time to bounce back from, but I’m here now. I’m ready to help you negotiate your way through Facebook and its challenges to use it wisely and efficiently for promotion.

Facebook is a social network that every author, blogger, or other businessperson needs to learn to use, and use well. You might think to yourself, well, it’s just a matter of making a page for myself and posting endlessly about my book. That is exactly what you don’t want to do.

If you have a personal page on Facebook or plan to create a personal page, keep it that way. Feel free to add author friends, reader friends, and blogger friends to your life through your personal page but create a page specifically for your author life, blogger life, or business life.

You can do this easily once you have a personal page, simply go to account settings under your log-on on your personal page and click on Create Page.

Once there you can create your own page where folks can follow YOU by liking your page. On your PAGE, you can post about your book, your events, and spread the news about your plans for the future, without filling your friends’ feeds with all of it. If you wish to share onto your personal page, it’s an easy thing to do – just switch back to your personal page, click-through to your PAGE, and share your post. Simple connect – no log-out and logging back in – simply switch from your personal timeline to your PAGE.

Have fun, personalize your page like you would your personal timeline. Host events, play games, and feel free to post whatever strikes your fancy. It’s your PAGE, and that makes it your world.

Let your friends know that you’ve got a PAGE now, interact with followers, and just have a good time. Throw a welcoming party to spread the news and watch the new likes start accumulating. Follow other authors, bloggers, and comment on their PAGES just as you would on your friends posts from your personal timeline. It’s a fun, easy way to let readers know you’re there – enjoy it!

So if you use Facebook already for promotion, how has it benefited you or hasn’t it?

Happy Writing!

By the way, how many of you are doing NaNoWriMo this month?

I did it last year and succeeded – what a great feeling to meet a goal you set and to even do it faster than you thought. If you’re participating, feel free to let me know and although I’m not participating this year, I’m playing cheerleader for all who are! WRITE ON!

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