PURE FIRE, a romantic suspense novel by Amy Valentini

It is said it cleans and purifies.

Something evil is stalking the city and now it has come to Faith O’Reilly’s corner of the world. She worries for her friends as well as her business. Even with the return of her sexy absentee tenant after an unexplained absence, more than her libido jumpstarts…her suspicious nature comes to life too.

As a detective investigating the disappearances of prostitutes, Ryan Davies is used to going undercover but when the case lands him where he lives, his assignment causes him deep conflict. Lying to his beautiful landlord is not on his list of things he fantasizes doing with her.

After one of her employees dies and another disappears, Faith wants answers and begins to look at everyone around her, including Ryan. When his secret becomes known to her, her trust teeters on the edge and Ryan knows it might do more than drive a wedge between them—it might put her directly in the path of danger. Can he keep her from being the next victim?

Available at Amazon in digital and ebook and #free to read in KindleUnlimited

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