The Elysian Realm Conflict is Growing

With the release of ELYSIAN RESISTING, we’re learning more about what the evil threatening the Elysian Realm and the human population is about. Join Sachi, Aurora, and the other Elysians as they traverse the dangers and unravel the mystery of disappearing humans and the attacks on Asgard in attempts to kidnap Aurora and Calista.

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Plagued by the betrayal of family and friends, Sachi Xaman trusts no one. He sets his mind to protecting the Realm, defeating his enemies and anyone who stands with them. As a warrior, he has no time or desire for romantic entanglements.

Newly transformed, Aurora Standish feels like an outsider in the Elysian Realm. Her new abilities are minimal compared to others. Her growing attraction to the fierce sexy Mayak warrior makes her feel even more so, but still she tries to impress him with her new archery skills.

Drawn to the Elysian changeling, Sachi dismisses any possibility that Aurora could be his true mate even as his attraction increases. His need to protect her whenever possible grows stronger when danger threatens to take her from him. But even as denial turns to acceptance, the past threatens to pull her from him. Will he be able to win her sweet innocent heart carrying the truth of their eternal love?

Elysian Resisting, book four in the Elysian Realm paranormal romance series by Amy Valentini

– available now in print and digital format and #Free to read at KindleUnlimited.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series – books one, two, and three to experience the Elysian Realm and learn its secrets and concern for humanity. All available in digital and print formats and #Free to read at KindleUnlimited.

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