New Release! ELYSIAN REUNITED, bk 5 of the Elysian Realm PNR series

The son of Apollo faces quite possibly his greatest nemesis – his true mate – in the latest adventure in this exciting paranormal romance series.

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Fate. The gods are out to get the son of Apollo. After waiting nearly another century for his true mate, Christian Delos refuses to believe this spoiled brat could be her. Beautiful but willful, obstinate, and rebellious, she is in desperate need of a spanking—one he is most willing to provide.

Freedom. Kiko Balderson wants freedom, not commands. When her father sends a handsome stranger to bring her home, she refuses to go without a deal—a deal she does not plan to honor.

Even after he helps her star-crossed lover friends, Kiko refuses Christian. Now, he is ready to drag her home and say good riddance. But when the evil he is trying to protect her from finds them, he knows he will die before he allows her harm even as she continues to deny him as her true mate. Will she ever accept him or must he face the rest of this life alone?

Get your copy now to discover Christian’s fate and the ongoing fight to save the Elysian Realm.

If you haven’t read this series yet, feel free to catch up by reading the first four books in an exclusive boxset available at Amazon and to read for FREE at KindleUnlimited. Happy Reading!

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