Cover Reveal for Book Six of the Elysian Realm Paranormal Series – Elysian Retribution by Amy Valentini

 Coming September 12, 2022

Book Six in the Elysian Realm Paranormal Romance Series

The Battle to Save the Realm is About to Begin!

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Forever alone. Salana has encountered it all—good and bad, but one thing has always eluded him. Passion. When his cat catches the scent of a beautiful red-haired Asgardian woman with topaz eyes, more than a purr tells him his time has come.

He fascinates her. Alina long ago reconciled to being alone only when a mesmerizing and alluring shifter enters her life, passion and desire fill her thoughts but fear over what others might think holds her back. The distraction of desire becomes her enemy while working to counter the evil undermining the Realm and putting everyone at risk.

After discovering a dark world of human enslavement and facing some of the most powerful Elysians, Alina and Salana lead the way to what may be the Realm’s greatest battle. When confronted with adversaries that only know how to dole out cruelty and pain, Salana discovers he owes one for his blindness. He and his cat desire revenge. But when Alina falls prey to the evildoers, and the fate of captive Elysians hangs in the balance, he and his cat must surrender to necessity rather than vengeance, but will he lose the love he waited so long for as a result?

Get ready for the Elysians to halt the evil that threatens to overthrow the relationship between Elysians, Elysian Shifters, and humans.
If you haven’t read this exciting series, you still have a chance to catch up by reading the first four books in The Elysian Realm box set which is available at Amazon for one low price and #free to read at #KindleUnlimited but time is running out because it’s coming down on September 25, 2022.

The gods of mythology are real and their descendants live among us.

Elysians came to Earth in search of a new home. The human inhabitants welcomed them as gods. Their relationship grew and sustained both species until it became dangerous for Elysians to be open with their non-human abilities. They continued to work together, care for each other, and seek out their eternal true mates within both species.

But now there are those who threaten their co-existence. Evolution in any species continues until extinction claims its end. Some will embrace the changes, while others will resist. When those who resist act to prevent or control the changes, they become dangerous to all species.

Welcome to the Elysian Realm, where the descendants of alien visitors live among humans as friends and protectors. When those with corrupt and evil intent attempt to change the world for Elysians and enslave humans, will those who wish to maintain the balance be able to save the world for the sake of all?

Delve into the Elysian Realm with the first four books in the series in a limited collection. The fifth book in the series, Elysian Reunited, is available now but this collection will disappear soon so indulge in the Realm now before the battle to save both humans and Elysians begins in Elysian Retribution – coming soon.

And Elysian Retribution isn’t the end of the exciting adventures in this series. There is more to come so catch up and stay tuned. Happy Reading.

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