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A Seekers of the Past, book 1

Amy Valentini


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Journey to Where the Past Meets the Present and Love Lives Forever

in the Seekers of the Past series…


Seeking the Past…

After inheriting the family farm, Emma Wells uncovers clues which might prove an old family tale true. When strange happenings lead her to question whether her grandfather’s death might not have been an accident, she begins searching for something buried on her property worth killing him for. She contacts an old friend to assist but the man who comes in his place is the last person she ever wanted to see again. 

Seeking a Second Chance…

Sam Martinelli has been hoping for a reason to get close to the woman he still loves since he destroyed their relationship five years earlier. His foolish actions drove her away then, but now he’s hoping time spent with her will give him another chance. 

Uncovering Secrets…

When Emma’s suspicions prove to have substance, she convinces Sam to help her even as he carries doubts. Being with him again, she begins to question her heart and past as well as her foolish pride. When things take a dangerous turn, she realizes she must trust the man she trusts least, as well as her heart.

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It’s Release Day!

It’s Release Day!


by Amy Valentini


Available now in ebook and print
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Things that happen in Vegas need to stay in Vegas…

After in indulging in too much champagne and a one-night stand in Vegas with a very sexy man, Abby Matheson prays what happened there stays there. Only she can’t get the incredibly passionate night with the amazing man out of her head. 

Mitch Braxton can’t forget the incredible woman he spent a passionate night with only to find her gone in the morning having left no note behind—only her crystal heart pendant. Unable to even recall her name, he fears he will never see her again.

When it doesn’t stay in Vegas…

When Abby discovers her mystery man is the CEO of a company her boss is determined to take over, she must forget the man as well as that night. Her hope is no one finds out about Vegas because the merger and her job are now on the line. Discovering Mitch at his sister’s wedding is the last thing she expects and even as she tries to keep her distance, she wants him even more. Is it once more just lust or is there wedding magic in the air? And will she lose her heart as well as her career?



The cocktail lounge was subtly lit with luminary lights on the tables set up around a brightly lit circular bar. There was a low hum of conversation blending with the low volume music playing through speakers strategically set around the space. When a sudden burst of feminine laughter floated across the room and he heard his little sister’s all too familiar snort, he knew Caroline and her wedding party were just on the other side of the bar. He smiled, suddenly eager to see his kid sister and for the first time since he embarked on this trip, he was truly excited for her.

As they rounded the bar, he heard more than saw his sister. She squealed and came running toward him, threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him so hard he thought if he died in that exact moment, he’d die very happy. Even though she wasn’t a blood sister, he loved her as if she were. A little girl of ten years old to his fifteen when his mother married John Stephens, they had taken to each other as if they’d always been siblings. She was his little sister always, and forever.

“Digger, I’m so happy you’re here. I just couldn’t imagine getting married without my big brother.” Caroline hugged him again, squeezing him so hard he coughed. “Oh my, you must be Elise.” He heard her say through a haze caused by lack of oxygen, and then his lungs expanded hard when she released him, only to hear a loud humph of air expelled from Elise’s chest when his sister squeezed her just as hard. “I’m so glad you’re both here.”

Then she wrapped her arms around both of them and pulled them in close. “I know all about what’s really going on and my lips are sealed. I just want you both to have a good time.”

“Thanks, kitten face, I appreciate it,” he whispered before giving her another hug. “By the way, where are my mom and John?”

“I think Martha is getting some last minute fittings done on her dress and Daddy is probably playing golf.” She winked at him. “I think you’re in the clear for a while, at least until tomorrow’s rehearsal dinner. I told them you weren’t arriving until tomorrow morning.”

“You little devil, you. That’s why you’re my favorite kid sister,” he said with a deep laugh before making a smooching sound against her cheek making her giggle.

“Ha! I’m your only kid sister.” Caroline suddenly pulled back and moved to his side. “Abby, come here! I want you to meet my big brother, Digger, and his girlfriend, Elise.”

Mitch turned and his heart nearly exploded in his chest, his knees threatened to buckle, and his hand instinctively went to the hidden glass heart in his breast pocket. Standing in front of him was the girl of his dreams who he’d begun to think might have been just that—until now.


Abby nearly dropped the two drinks she was carrying when she came face to face with Mitch Braxton. No, no, it can’t be. He was here, in Virginia, in Alexandria, in the same hotel and even worse, he was no more than four feet away.

Holy crap!

Mitch Braxton was Caroline’s brother. No, it couldn’t be. Caroline had never referred to him as anything but Digger. She always wondered how a guy got a name like that, but never would she ever have imagined that Digger was the same man she’d spent an amazing night with in a Vegas hotel suite making mad passionate love with, and whom she’d hoped she’d never, ever, see again. The same man who her boss wanted a ratified contract from to purchase his company. The same man who because he hadn’t answered her many requests had caused her to put off her boss for nearly two weeks. Hell, she’d even sneaked out of town to avoid Morgan and hoped he wouldn’t track her to Virginia but now it had all caught up to her and the same man she’d tried so hard to avoid was standing right in front of her. This wedding weekend had just turned into the wedding from hell, and the beginning of the end of her once promising law career.

“Digger, this is my best friend from college, Abby Matheson. I can’t believe it’s taken so many years for you two to finally meet each other,” Caroline exclaimed with so much excitement Abby thought her friend might hyperventilate. “You’d already moved to California and then neither of you ever seemed to both be with me at the same time, especially since you’re in Chicago now.”

Nudging Abby’s side with her elbow, she beamed. “But here you are now.”

Abby explored Mitch’s expression for any sign of recognition, all the while hoping he wouldn’t remember her and yet wanting him to remember every minute of his time with her. She handed Caroline a margarita and transferred her own to her left hand before wiping her cold wet hand down the side of her jeans.

“Hi, nice to finally meet you, Digger,” she said in a voice she hoped sounded nonchalant yet friendly.

“Please, call me Mitch. Kitten face is the only who calls me Digger and I’ve never really figured out why,” he said with a tilt of his handsome head toward Caroline who was standing there with a silly grin on her face.

Thank God, he doesn’t seem to recognize me.

“Wait till you see the dress I picked for Abby, she’s going to look gorgeous,” the bride-to-be said rocking back on her heels with self-pride.

“I’m sure all of the ladies will look beautiful, Caro. Speaking of which, where are Annabelle and Beth? Didn’t you say they were in the wedding party too?”

Abby watched him glance around and when his gaze settled on the table where the other members of the bridal party had taken seats, he took hold of the arm belonging to the petite black-haired woman with more curves than were decent and who’d stood quietly by during the most awkward introductions ever made, and headed off in that direction.

Abby released a loud audible sigh of relief. He obviously hadn’t recognized her. Why that suddenly disappointed her so much, she wasn’t sure. Was I so unmemorable?

Shaking her head, she told herself it didn’t matter because relief at knowing he hadn’t recognized her, was what she’d needed right now. Besides, he was with a gorgeous woman and the way she was clinging to him told her all she needed to know. What happened between them in Las Vegas was to stay in Vegas, never to be revisited.


About the Author: 

In addition to being an author, Amy Valentini is a free-lance editor here at Romancing Editorially and romance reviewer at Unwrapping Romance as well as an Avon Addict—a super reader group for Avon/HarperCollins. She has always loved reading, working with words, and creating stories that make readers think, laugh, cry, and escape the realities of everyday life. Writing romance keeps her belief in true love alive.
A graduate of Mary Washington College in Virginia, now the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she has always had a dream of being a published author. Finally achieving that goal with her debut romance, SEEKERS OF THE PAST, she hopes readers will love her new series, the Seekers of the Past, a journey that will take the reader into the past as well as the present…where the past meets the present and love lives forever.
Amy lives in Virginia where, in her spare time, she reads and reviews romance, and misses taking walks with her favorite guy—her Rottweiler, Marco.

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Cover I made for FIT FOR A KING by Susan Fisher-Davis won 1st Place!


I am so thrilled! The cover I made for

FIT FOR A KING by Susan Fisher-Davis won 1st place for the month of January in the Reader’s Choice Award at All Author.

*happy dancing*

I hope you’ll all look beneath the surface – albeit, a very nice surface – and enjoy this wonderful read. Yes, I am the editor but trust me – Wade King will have you swooning in no time, even though you’d like to bash him over the head. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

Fit For A King 

by Susan Fisher-Davis

Wade King believes he’s worth nothing, especially in the eyes of the man who gave him a chance to be somebody. When Win’s beautiful teenage daughter kissed him on her eighteenth birthday, he refused her even though it was the last thing he wanted to do. He knew he was not the kind of man her father would want for her. Now she was back.

Hannah Winston has always loved Wade King, even while she was married to another man. No man could live up to the man who had claimed her heart as a teen. Now she’s returned to Win’s Circle ranch to claim her inheritance only to discover her father had other plans and it involves the one man she tries so hard to hate, but can’t forget—Wade King.

With no other choice but to work together, Wade and Hannah try to ignore the pull each has on the other, only to fall victim to their desires. Now Hannah wants more but Wade still refuses her. What must a woman in love do to make a hardheaded cowboy understand that he might think of her as duchess, but she’s only truly fit for a King?

Happy Reading and Writing Everyone!

Release of IN THE ARMS OF HER ANGEL, bk 3 in the Seekers of the Past series by Amy Valentini


A Seekers of the Past novel

by Amy Valentini

Available Now at Amazon in digital
and print as well as Kindle Unlimited

Continue the Journey to Where the Past Meets the Present and Love Lives Forever. 

Emma begins to wonder if there something is special—something magical—about the journal written by her doppelganger from the past. She hopes to convince Sam it’s really happening. As she begins reading again, she finds herself traveling with Daniel Embry and Ginny Blackwood. 

When Daniel encounters a thief sneaking into his room in the middle of the night, he discovers he is actually a beautiful young woman in need of his assistance to save her father. 

Haunted by her past, Ginny holds clues to a missing treasure in the form of a riddle—a riddle she is unable to decipher. The solution lies in the secrets she holds locked in her memories, but will she ever trust Daniel enough to reveal them? Danger follows them from Charleston to New Orleans. Will the answers they find lead them to what they need or be their end? And while both protect their hearts from love, will they surrender to the desire they crave in each other’s arms?


Happy Reading Everyone!

Seekers of the Past – on sale for 99¢

Limited Time Only! 💕
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NEW COVER! New Print Price for SEEKERS OF THE PAST by Amy Valentini with #Excerpt


A Seekers of the Past Novel


Amy Valentini

Available in Print (new lower price)

and Ebook (KU until Nov 7th, then it will go wild again)




Introducing a series like no other—the Seekers of the Past series will take you on a journey where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

Seeking the Past…
Emma Wells has uncovered clues that might prove an old family tale as being true. Strange things lead her to question whether her grandfather’s death may not have been an accident and goes in search of something worth killing him for buried on her property. When she asks an old friend to assist, the man who comes in his place is the last person she ever wanted to respond to her call for help. 

Seeking a Second Chance…
Sam Martinelli has been hoping for a reason to get close to the woman he still loves since he destroyed their relationship five years ago. His foolish actions drove her away then, but now he’s hoping his expertise as well as time working with her allows him another chance.

Uncovering Secrets…
When Emma’s suspicions prove to have substance, she convinces Sam to help her even if he still carries doubts. Being with him again, she begins to question her heart and past as well as her foolish pride. When things take a dangerous turn, Emma realizes she must trust the man she trusts least, especially when the past collides with the present and the truth of it all is uncovered.

 Be sure to add SEEKERS OF THE PAST to your Goodreads shelf



Upon returning from the Jeep with more supplies, Emma discovered Sam digging dirt away from a fallen tree blocking part of the entrance to the tunnel. She noticed he’d removed his shirt and tossed it over a nearby bush. Dressed only in his denim jeans, which hung enticingly low on his slim hips, his muscles worked beneath smooth skin now shiny from the sweat he’d worked up with his exertion. The sight of his lean, muscular body took Emma’s breath from her for a moment. She stood at the edge of the clearing, holding the gear she’d retrieved from the Jeep. Frozen to the spot, she knew she was staring at him but couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from his broad shoulders, and arms as he worked. Her breathing had become even more ragged the longer she stood there, but she couldn’t seem to regain her thoughts. Even the weight of the gear didn’t seem to bother her anymore. She licked her suddenly dry lips.

As if he sensed her presence, Sam suddenly stopped his work, turned toward her and smiled. He rested his hands on the top of the long handled shovel. She watched his muscles relax in his shoulders and arms. Lifting his right hand, he swiped the back of his arm across his forehead.

“I hope you brought the water with you, kiddo. This is mighty hot work,” Sam said, his voice breathless from the strenuous work.

His words snapped Emma out of her trance. Setting the gear down on the ground near her feet, she reached into a thermal bag and pulled out a jug of cold water. She had made sure to freeze a couple of jugs, and chill the first of many she was sure they’d use. It was important to stay hydrated on any dig site, but even more so in the summer heat. She carried the jug over to Sam and reached it out to him, keeping a full arm’s length from him. Emma didn’t trust herself too close to Sam while he was looking so incredibly sexy.

Sam watched her and his dark brow furrowed. He leaned forward to take the jug. She wondered if she looked as uncomfortable as she felt. When he grinned and let out a small chuckle before taking a long drink of water, she knew he’d realized his state of half undress was making her uncomfortable. She wanted to kick him and herself. She hated still being attracted to him.

“It’s too hot to work with my shirt on. I hope you don’t mind my working without it?” Sam asked with an innocent smirk before lifting the opening of the water jug to his lips once more.

While taking another long drink of water, he wasn’t very neat about it and she felt herself scowl wondering if he was deliberately spilling water out of the sides of his mouth so it trickled down over his bare chest to his tight abdomen, and onto the legs of his jeans. Emma watched every trickle of water as it slid down Sam’s body and hated wanting to lick every drop from his skin. She could feel a flush of heat race over her body starting at her cheeks and rushing right down to that deep place buried between her legs. She watched as he finished quenching his thirst, lowered the jug, and wiped his mouth on the back of his arm. Of course, he did nothing to wipe away the droplets of water, which lingered on the mat of curly dark hair at the center of his broad chest. The drops slid down to travel along the line of hair, which snaked across a washboard belly before disappearing into the top of his jeans hanging entirely too low on chiseled hips. Emma thought her knees were going to buckle.

In an attempt to get her mind off Sam’s body, she turned her attention to the tunnel. “So, Martinelli, do you think this might be the old slave tunnel used by escaping slaves, or not?”

She noticed him watching her and hoped he thought the flush of pink on her cheeks was from carrying the supplies. She also hoped he wouldn’t notice how her voice shook because of her breathlessness when he moved closer to her. She tried not to inhale his masculine scent accentuated by his perspiration.

Lord, help me! If he took her in his arms right this moment, she was sure she would give herself over to him without hesitation.

When he turned his back on her to face the opening of the tunnel, she nearly sighed with relief. He put his hands on his hips, and took a deep breath before exhaling.

“Emma girl, I do believe this is it,” he said, breaking a branch off the fallen tree he’d been working on clearing when she returned.

“I knew it. I just knew it,” Emma exclaimed joining Sam at the opening. Having totally forgotten her discomfort over his state of undress, she came to stand beside him and almost hugged him with the excitement of the find. Discovering something like this was more powerful even than lust. “When do you think we can go in?”

—SEEKERS OF THE PAST by Amy Valentini


I hope you all will read SEEKERS OF THE PAST and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I’ve added a sneak peek at book two in the series, FOR THE SAKE OF HONOR, at the end to give you an idea of how this series will proceed. I’m very excited about it, and I hope you will be too.

Happy Reading Everyone!



New Cover! FOR THE SAKE OF HONOR, book two in the Seekers of the Past by Amy Valentini + #excerpt


Seekers of the Past, book two

Amy Valentini 


 Amazon  | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunesSmashwords

and available in print now at Amazon

The Seekers of the Past series continues as Emma and Sam seek answers to a growing number of questions. The discovery of gold on the family farm has left them wondering about the world, time, and love. If love conquers all, can love prove greater than even time? 

Emma discovers a journal written by the youngest member of the Embry family. The author of the journal is her look alike from the past. She begins reading the story of Anna Pelt and Joshua Embry. His return from England with a future bride has left Anna questioning her place in his world. Having loved him all of her life, she feels betrayed and discarded. When he claims to love her but honor is forcing him to marry the woman chosen by his parents, Anna believes it is because he thinks her too far beneath him—only a servant, and not good enough to be his wife. 

Can love prove stronger than honor? Can the journey to find the answers Emma and Sam seek about the past uncover more about their mysterious connection to the couple in the portrait?

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If you haven’t read the story that started this amazing journey to where the past meets the present and love lives forever, please be sure to check out SEEKERS OF THE PAST too. The print version is now at a reduced price.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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