The Singular ‘Their’ corrected by the Comma Queen

To watch the lesson on THE SINGULAR “Their” either choose it from the playlist, upper left corner of video or click link below. Although, the first lesson is good too.

The Singular “Their” | Comma Queen The New Yorker

When writing my own work, and far too often, when editing your work, I see this more than I should. When used in dialogue, I tend to ignore it because that’s how people speak. When our characters are talking to each other, it’s rather common for them to say such things as:

“Well, everyone wants to go to the game, but they haven’t got tickets.”

However, in your text, you don’t want to use this kind of vernacular:

Everyone wanted to go to the game, but they hadn’t any tickets.

Everyone is singular…they is plural. Pay attention to what the Comma Queen says here. I always trust her to put it to you straight, and probably better than I can.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Feel free to check out more writing lessons from the Comma Queen on YouTube. I do. 🙂

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